Product description

“To manage IT Application Portfolio improving costs, productivity and quality of software development”

Function Point (FP) is today an international reference for software functional sizing.

Several steps of project life cycle involve FP evaluations: FP estimation that applies to the initial phases of the project, FP counting which is done when you have more details available and when the system is deployed in order to establish a “sound starting point” (Baseline) to follow the evolution of the service.

The MS excel spreadsheets often used to carry out FP evaluations are not adequate to manage the FP size across the application’s life cycle, therefore it is necessary to adopt a tool.

Function Point Manager®, developed by Tecnet Dati, has a repository and provides a set of standard functions that help customers for FP counting according to the leading standards, IFPUG, Early&Quick and Cosmic, and can easily cover new standards (i.e. Story Point, Use Case Point, SNAP Point).

Function Point Manager® gives users the chance to manage the applications’ life cycle (initial FP estimation, FP counting based on further details available, change requests, …) with the option to follow the trend of the application portfolio size and to track “the history” of requests for changes.

Software functional measurements, however, are just the first step: starting from FP, Function Point Manager® allows you to easily implement an effective Performance Management System.

Function Point Manager® thanks to its open, modular and scalable architecture, can be easily integrated with the Customers System.


  • Function Point Manager® allows an effective quality, productivity and costs control of the application development based on customer specific and historical data;
  • Improves the application portfolio management;
  • Can be easily integrated with the customer’s ICT Governance system;
  • Allows management to valuate trends of the application development and plan corrective actions to improve the efficiency and the quality of internal processes
  • Multi-metric, multi-project and multi-user platform.