Function Point Manager® is the result of a long experience in Function Point sizing and analyzing quality and productivity KPIs based on FP. Today, sound experience and vision are mandatory to fulfill business requirements.

Our Customers have delivered hundreds of projects on time and in budget with our professional support.

Thanks to the wide variety of the experiences acquired, Tecnet Dati is the right partner to adopt the best practice for your organization. At Tecnet Dati we are used to managing the “two sides of the same coin” of Excellence: continuous Innovation and valuable daily Solutions.

Customers benefit from our services by following an evolutionary path, from Acknowledgement to a full Solution.

  • “one-to-one” training programs, that fit hand-in-glove with company’s needs;
  • Start-right, to put in place a Function Point sizing process reducing the risk and increasing the value;
  • Consulting, training and coaching (Function Point estimation and counting according to the leading standard, estimation of effort and cost, measuring application portfolios, …);
  • Solutions, to manage IT Application Portfolio improving  productivity and quality and reducing costs of software development.